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BioRegen attended the 28th Annual Congress of ESGE and held the European Distributors Training Meeting successfully in Thessaloniki, Greece


     Thessaloniki, Greece, 6-9 October 2019. The 28th Annual Congress of European Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy (ESGE) was organized as scheduled in Thessaloniki, a beautiful city by the sea of Aegean and also the second biggest city of Greece.


     BioRegen has participated in this great international congress and received gynecologists, specialists and dealers from all over the world. The unique and innovative self-crosslinking technology of BioRegen has attracted the interest of many doctors. The role of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel in the prevention of adhesion after endoscopic gynecological surgeries is gradually recognized by gynecologists all over the world.


     In addition, BioRegen also held the Annual European Distributor Meeting – Training on Anti-adhesion for Gynecological Endoscopy for European distributors of BioRegen. The successful organization of the meeting provided our European distributor a good opportunity for in-depth communication and learning.


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